PhD, Philosophy, MSc, Public Administration and Government, BSc, Economics.

Co-founder and CSO (Chief Scientific Officer), CLOO Behavioral Insights Unit

Invited Assistant Professor, Católica Porto Business School and Co-founder, Behavior, Economics and Organizations Laboratory – BEO Lab

Invited Visiting Scholar (Faculty), Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Sponsor Professor Deborah Small, 1st semester 2015-16

cmauro72@gmail.com   |   LinkedIn


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Selected publications

Bouwmeester, S. et al (2017). “Registered Replication Report: Rand, Greene & Nowak (2012)”. Perspectives on Psychological Science. APS link | PPS link

Commentary: Rand, D (2017). “Reflections on the Time-Pressure Cooperation Registered Replication Report”. Perspectives on Psychological Science. APS link | PPS link

Sousa, P. & Mauro, C., (2015), “The Evaluative Nature of the Folk Concepts of Weakness and Strength of Will”. Philosophical Psychology. Link

Some discussion about this article:

  • Beebe, J.R., (2013), “Weakness of will, reasonability, and compulsion”. Synthese, 190:4077–4093. Link
  • Beebe, J.R., (under review), “The Folk Conception of Weakness of Will”. Link
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  • Newman, GE, De Freitas, J, Knobe, J, (2015), “Beliefs about the true self explain asymmetries based on moral judgment”. Cognitive Science, 39, pp. 96-125. Link


Mauro, C, Miguens, S, Cadilha, S, (2013), Conversations on Human Action and Practical Rationality. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Link

This volume brings together leading scholars in the study of practical rationality and human action – namely, Alfred Mele, Hugh McCann, Michael Bratman, George Ainslie, Daniel Hausman and Joshua Knobe.